A Bong Diggity Story

The story behind Bong Diggty marketplace started several years ago almost completely unrelated. I was looking for a way to make some extra income on the side as my frustration with my current job escalated. After much contemplation on what I can do or make for some extra income, I figured out a way to make bong from any bongish looking vase for a low cost and minimal time commitment. Not the highest level of craftmanship but m friends were nice enough to make me believe someone might buy it. Next step was for me to make a online shop at a market place that seemed to have community of 420 friendly shops.

I spent a solid weekend making my first bong and setting up my shop. I still remember how nervous I was publishing my first creation. Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait long and my one and only product solid in hours. I was very shocked but instantly validated. Even better, a few days after the customer received his “hand made” bong, I got a message telling me how much he LOVED it and if I make any more. Perfect, everything is going soo much better than I could have ever hope.


Once I posted the second bong I made, I received a message from a marketplace admin informing me that water pipes are not prohibited on their site. Just like that, I had nothing. I kept thinking, “why can’t I sell water pipes”. What could be so crazy about selling a water pipe over a normal pipe?! With further research I realized their were NO marketplaces that allowed for real glass blowers and craftsmen and women to sell their cannabis lifestyle goods directly to consumer with little to no investment. Year and year went by that this stayed true until I couldn’t take it any more.

That brings us to right here and now. I sincerely hope this becomes a powerful tool for people to sell their marijuana paraphernalia for years to come.




Founder of BongDiggity.com