Setting Up your Shop

We truly appreciate your interest in starting a BongDiggity Shop of your very own. To make that process as smooth as butter, we assembled this comprehensive but easy to follow guide.

Step 1 РRegistering 


Name – Must not have special characters, include space.

Valid Email – Partnerships are built on trust and communication so please provide a valid email so we can chat easily.

Password – Make sure not to forget it but if you do we are happy to help. ūüėČ


Step 2 – My Profile

Image 2

User Icon – How the community will identify you. If you want to stay anonymous, don’t us a real picture. TIP: Check out for quick and inexpensive illustrations of whatever you want.

Address – In case a refund needs to happen, we have to be able to get this resolved.

Links – Here you can promote any links to help promote yourself including Facebook, Twitter, or even your blog!


Step 3 – My Shop

Image 4

Shop Image РThe brand of your shop. Take some time and make something meaningful to you and you shop. 400 x 400px  size image is what you should shoot for.

Description – What is your shop all about?! Let everyone know what to expect and why they should be so excited to be at your shop.

About –¬†This is the place to talk your self up and what sets you apart. Don’t be shy as people are looking for more than a unique item but an incredible experience.

Policies – Strong and clear policies are the way to go. Be sure to think things out and have yourself covered. At the end, ask yourself “would I shop at a store with rules like this?”.


Step 4 – First Product

Image 6

Click the “Add Item” button.

Name – Naming a product should be straight forward and fun.

Main Product Image – The first image anyone will ever see of this product.

Category – Make sure you have your products in relevant categories to make is super easy for customers to find.

Price – Something fair but with plenty of room for you to make money.

Regular – The everyday price your items are worth.

Sale – If you want to lower the price temporarily, this is the way to do it. Let’s people know this isn’t normal.

Stock – The number of these products you have or are willing to make.

Descriptions – Here is where you need to bring your product to life with details no picture can every show. Let visitors know every little detail.



Additional  Images РGo picture crazy! Transport the customer so they can imagine what it will be like to use your products.

Tags – Just like hash tags on Twitter, load up tags with relevant, funny, and shop specific tags.

Attributes –¬†This feature is still is progress.

Variations – This feature is still is progress.


Once you have all the above complete, make sure to hit save. Upon approval by our administrators, your product will go live. Congratulations because you just set up shop! Time to sit back, roll a joint, and enjoy.