Several Ways to Improve Your Shop Traffic

Getting traffic to your products through Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Almost every online company pays a lot of money in SEO these days. While Bong Diggity is set up for optimal results, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about. Just a little bit thought.


Content, Content, Content

Search engines love unique content above most things. Knowing this, there are a few things your shop should focus on optimizing for the best results.

Product Titles – I love funny names that barely describe the product but are more of an inside reference. While this can be very successful, we recommend thinking what a customer might search to find a product like this. If you have multiple product that are similar, make sure the title are still different. Make sure these are still titles and not small novels. Keep them under 80 characters.

Item Descriptions – Expand on the main search term you used in the product title with the less obvious terms.

About Section – Let the search engine know what you are all about. Don’t hold back!

Links All Day Everyday

Links to any page helps Search Engines determine how important that page is and will rank accordingly. There is no rule of thumb on how many is best, as every link is “worth” the same. But every link WILL help.

  • Have a blog? Don’t be shy to create relevant posts about your products. Try not to go overboard though.
  • If another blog wrote about your article but doesn’t have a link, try emailing them. Most likely they just forgot.
  • Link any relevant product to one another. For instance bongs can have links to bowl pieces.
  • NEVER pay for links or any other spammy techniques. This will hurt you and Bong Diggity in the long term, so please don’t open those bags of worms.

The Social Media Grind

Promoting your shop through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other Social Media helps Search Engines know your shop is being talked about. An added bonus for using social media is someone might just use that link anyways. Above everything else, Social Media is just a great way to show off your goods.

Chill Out

SEO can take a frustratingly long time to see the effects so pack a bowl and chill out for a while. Also, once you see results for a page, try to keep reusing the same page to keep it rolling.