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We truly appreciate your interest in starting a BongDiggity Shop of your very own. To make that process as smooth as butter, we assembled this comprehensive but easy to follow guide. Step 1 – Registering  Name – Must not have special characters, include space. Valid Email – Partnerships are built on trust and communication so […]

Getting traffic to your products through Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Almost every online company pays a lot of money in SEO these days. While Bong Diggity is set up for optimal results, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about. Just a […]

Let’s lay out some easy to use advice so your shop can reach its full potential ASAP. Be Yourself The products you sell should absolutely represent who you are, so don’t be afraid to show some personality. This is Walmart, people are here for a unique experience only you can sell them on. Infusing your […]

Whether it’s someone looking to upgrade from their current piece or finding some rad socks for a party, several things go into the decision to buy for people. Some folks love to researching and browsing, while others focus are just looking for a original design. Regardless of personal preferences, there is one thing that almost all purchasing […]

Spectacular product photos are key to having a Bong Diggity shop. trust us, you don’t need elaborate  equipment to take great shots of your items. Chances are good that your phone has a built-in camera that takes high-quality pictures. If not, a simple point-and-shoot camera will do the trick. With a few industry tricks and lots of light, […]

The story behind Bong Diggty marketplace started several years ago almost completely unrelated. I was looking for a way to make some extra income on the side as my frustration with my current job escalated. After much contemplation on what I can do or make for some extra income, I figured out a way to […]